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How To Deploy a Unified Data Fabric

Deploying a unified data fabric provides several benefits, including overall performance improvements, enhanced security, and simplified management. When planning and deploying a unified data fabric, it is essential to consider how the fabric will be used. A unified data fabric can provide a more efficient and secure way to store, manage, and access data. With a unified data fabric, you can quickly provision and manage your data infrastructure while providing uniform access to data across your organization.

Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to deploy a unified data fabric using the latest open source technologies. 

Unified Data Fabric

Data Fabric

A unified data fabric is a term used to describe an architecture that allows for aggregating and managing data from multiple sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. A unified fabric aims to provide a single point of access to all data, regardless of location or format, and to make it easy for users to find and use the data they need.

There are many different ways to deploy a data fabric. Common approaches include:

  • Using a hybrid cloud model.
  • Integrating multiple public clouds into a single platform.
  • Building out a private cloud infrastructure.

Several key components are essential to creating a successfully unified fabric, no matter which approach you take. Data integration refers to combining data from multiple sources into a single cohesive dataset. Data must be integrated at every stage of its lifecycle, from acquisition to storage, analysis, and visualization. Data governance requires strong governance controls to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data across all sources. These controls can include rules for governing who can access which datasets and how they can be used. Managing large volumes of diverse datasets can be difficult without the right tools. An excellent unified data fabric will have deduplication, compression, metadata management, etc., that make it easier to store and manage your data effectively. A well-unified fabric will have built-in analytics capabilities to quickly and easily run sophisticated queries against your data; analyzing large amounts of complex information is essential for deriving insights from big datasets.

Deploying Data Fabric

Deploying Data Fabric

The first step in deploying a data fabric is to create a data fabric pool. This pool will contain all of the nodes used in the deployment. The nodes can be physical or virtual machines and reside on different networks or domains. Once you create the pool, the next step is to populate it with nodes, done manually or using a script. Once you add the nodes, they need configuration as part of the data fabric. This includes specifying which clusters they belong to and adding any required software packages. Once the nodes have been added and configured, the final step is to deploy the data fabric itself, using software like PowerShell scripts. To deploy a data fabric, you need to architect your system. The architecture’s goal is to define the different parts of the system and how they interact.

The system’s key components are data sources, which are systems that contain the data that you want to use in your application. Next, data flows are the paths that the data takes as it moves between different system parts. And datastores, where the data is stored after the system has processed it. Once you have defined these components, you need to decide how they will interact with each other. One typical pattern is to use a central data broker to manage all of the data flows between different parts of the system. This allows you to easily add new sources and stores without changing any of the other components in the system.

These technologies are managed from a single platform using standardized tools and workflows with a unified fabric in place. Simplifying management and monitoring activities since there is only one interface to learn and understand. Furthermore, the use of standard tools across all platforms makes it possible for administrators with less specific expertise to still be able to manage the entire infrastructure effectively. 

Understanding how your heart functions

Your heart is the key organ of your circulatory system, which is a system of blood vessels that transport blood throughout your body. It also collaborates with other systems in the body to regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. It is enclosed by your rib cage and is located in your thorax amid your lungs, mostly to the left of the centre. Your heart is around the size of your closed fist and weighs approximately 300 g. The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, blood, arteries, capillaries, and veins. Your genetic factors, individual medical history, and lifestyle all have an impact on how effectively your heart functions.

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The heart is divided into four chambers. The atria are the heart’s two upper compartments which receive blood. The ventricles are the lower two chambers that pump out blood. The septum is a muscular wall that divides the left and right atria and the left and right ventricles. Valves separate the atria and ventricles. The heart’s walls are made up of three layers of tissue. Myocardium: This is the heart’s muscular tissue. Endocardium: the tissue that covers the interior of the heart and supports the valves and chambers. The pericardium is a thin protective layer that covers the other parts of the heart. Epicardium: The inner layer of the pericardium is composed of this protective layer, which is largely made up of connective tissue.

The superior and inferior vena cava are the body’s largest vessels. These veins transport deoxygenated blood from the body to the right atrium. The blood is then sent to the right ventricle whenever the right atrium contracts. The right ventricle will then contract and pump blood via the pulmonary artery to the lungs after getting blood from the right atrium. The blood gets oxygen and releases carbon dioxide here. Once oxygenated, blood will proceed to the heart, specifically the left atrium, through the pulmonary vein. The atrium subsequently contracts, delivering blood to the left ventricle. After receiving all of the blood from the left atrium, the left ventricle contracts and distributes it to the body via the aorta.

The atria and ventricles operate together to pump blood from your heart to other systems by contracting and relaxing alternately. The electrical system of the heart is the source of energy that allows this to happen. Electrical impulses pass through a particular channel throughout the heart muscles to generate your heart rhythm. The impulse originates in the right atrium, in a compact bundle of particular cells known as the SA node (sinoatrial node).

This node is referred to as the biological pacemaker of the heart. The electrical impulses travel through the atria’s walls, causing them to contract. The atrioventricular node is a bundle of cells at the base of the heart that functions as a gate, delaying electrical impulses before they reach the ventricles. This pause allows the atria to contract first before the ventricles. The His-Purkinje system is a combination of fibers that delivers impulses to the ventricle’s muscular walls, causing them to contract.

A typical heart beats at about 50 to 90 times per minute while at rest. Signals from your neurological system and hormones from your endocrine system can regulate how fast and hard your heart is beating. These signals and hormones enable your body to adjust itself depending on the quantity of oxygen and nutrients required. When you workout, for instance, your muscles require more oxygen, causing your heart to beat faster. When you are sleeping, your heart rate will slow down. Excitement, stress, infections, and some drugs also can cause the heart to beat rapidly, occasionally exceeding 100 beats per minute.

Do take your Covid 19 vaccination.

Inverter Washing Machines: Why are they Better than Conventional ones and How to Choose them Correctly

There are more and more inverter models in the range of leading brands. Do they have advantages? We understand the details.

It’s no secret that some “innovative” technologies become the intrigues of marketers – they do not carry any real innovations. What about inverter washing machines? There is something to talk about here. So we will tell you about the principle of operation of such equipment and advise several optimal models of 2020 for the home.

Inverter motor in a washing machine: what is it?

The main difference between a motor and a conventional one is the operation principle. This is the same electric motor, but it is controlled through an inverter, a frequency converter. Inverter motors do not have carbon brushes; they are quieter and can provide higher speeds (up to 2000 rpm). 

In addition, this technique is more economical; it uses less energy and water. As a rule, due to the stability of the rpm and good balance, they are less susceptible to jumping and beating, which also cause a lot of inconveniences. 

Are inverter motors reliable?

If there are no brushes, there is no need to change them. And also, as a rule, in such models, a direct drive is used, and there is no drive belt either. The simpler the method, the more reliable it is. Accordingly, inverter motors last longer than conventional motors (although more expensive) – usually 10-15 years without repair. But keep in mind: if repairs are still required, it will also cost more.

Is it worth buying an inverter washing machine then? The question remains open. This is a new stage in the development of washing machines, and if you are used to being at the forefront of progress, the purchase will be quite justified. But it’s too early to write off ordinary cars: it’s easier to repair and “reanimate” them for further service. So a washing machine inverter motor has both pros and cons like any other. 

In terms of choosing a model with an inverter, they are no different from the usual ones. The algorithm is pretty simple. 

Top-loading or front-loading

This is one of the main questions facing the buyer. What is the difference? Each type of download has its pros and cons. Top-loading washing machines are more compact to be placed in a bathroom or kitchen with relatively little space.

It is also easier for some housewives to load linen since they do not need to bend too much. The lid does not take up useful space when opened since it opens upwards. In vertical models, the drive is equipped with additional counterweights, so their vibration level is less than that of front-mounted models (when compared within the same brand).

However, in terms of the volume of loaded linen, the vertical ones are inferior to the front ones – you can rarely find a model with a volume of more than 7 kg. Also, before buying, it is worth clarifying whether there is a drum parking system, the possibility of stopping after working with the lid up. For example, in old vertical machines, the drum could stop as needed, after which it had to be rotated by hand. Modern typewriters usually have drum parking. We recommend Gorenje WT 6213 for a 6 kg load of the vertical ones with an inverter motor.

Front-loading models allow you to hold much more laundry, which will be a definite plus for a large family. So, front-facing machines can hold from 4 to 15 kg of linen (industrial models further).

The best front-loading inverter washing machines have spin speeds of 1400 – 1600 rpm. At this speed, the laundry is practically dry. And a huge number of programs will allow you to choose the right one for a certain type of linen.

However, the advantages of front-end machines affected their dimensions. They need much more space (although there are also compact models). Additional space is also required to open the lid. With an equal load and within the same brand, front-end machines are somewhat more expensive than vertical ones. One of the popular front-facing models with an inverter motor is the  LG F-1096TD3. It will satisfy the needs of a large family, as its capacity is 8 kg. At the same time, it has a low power consumption – 0.17 kW * h / kg. 

How much capacity should a washing machine have?

This parameter largely depends on the size of the family: the larger it is, the more laundry needs to be washed. Also, the size of the load affects the size of the machine. If there is relatively little space in the bathroom, a model with a large load volume cannot be delivered. Please note that the load parameter describes how much dry laundry can be loaded at one time. It should be remembered that some modes (for example, quick wash) imply an incomplete filling of the drum.

We have highlighted the average ratio of the weight of the load to the number of people in the family:

  • 1 – 2 persons: 3 – 5 kg.
  • 2 – 3 persons: 4 – 6 kg.
  • 4 – 6 people: 7 – 8 kg.

However, this does not mean that a 5 kg machine is not suitable for a family of 4. Anyway, coloured and white laundry is usually washed separately; you can just run a few cycles. For large volumes or bulky items such as thick blankets, they often take the Samsung WW80R42LHES model with a load capacity of up to 8 kg.

Do you need high revs?

We have already noted that inverter washing machines can operate at high spin speeds. As a rule, they are regulated by software or manually. This is necessary because high revs are contraindicated in some things. For example, they usually do not exceed 800 rpm in the Wool program.

When choosing a washing machine about the speed, one can proceed from the principle “more – not less”. You can wring out cotton items to the maximum, take them out almost dry, and reduce the speed to the recommended value for more delicate items. 

The typical maximum for modern washing machines is 1400 rpm—for example, this Bosch WAT286H2OE.

Which management is best?

There are three types of washing machine controls:

  • mechanical,
  • electronic.
  • Sensory.

Everything is clear with a mechanical one – this is the simplest option with physical knobs and buttons. If we talk about modern inverter machines, you will not find this in them.

Electronic control includes a display and a menu. There are also buttons here, but there are fewer of them, and they serve mainly to navigate through the menu. 

Touch control is no different from electronic, except for buttons. Here they are (you never guess) touch-sensitive, so the control panel is easier to keep clean. 

Best inverter washing machines 2020


LG was the first to use an inverter motor in washing machines, so it can be considered the “pioneer” of the new technology. This model is designed for a total load of 7 kg of laundry. The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm. There is a child protection system; the control panel can be locked. 

This washing machine is equipped with an inverter motor and the proprietary Smart Diagnosis technology. By connecting to the washing machine via a smartphone, you can correct the washing modes and read the errors of the system operation. However, to connect, you need an NFC module in your smartphone. The machine is supplied with a function to control the formation of foam, thereby improving washing quality.

Weissgauff WM 5649

This is one of the most energy-efficient washing machines with this load capacity. Its energy consumption class is A +++, which corresponds to approximately 0.14 kW * h / kg. The washer can take up to 9 kg of laundry at a time, making it in demand for a family of 5-6 people. It can also wash large, thick blankets. Note that the maximum spin speed reaches 1400 rpm so that things will be only slightly damp.

The washing machine allows you not only to use fixed washing modes but also to customize your own. That is, you can select one of the programs from the list (16 pcs) and additionally adjust it (for example, add a rinse or reduce the spin speed). These settings are saved in the device’s memory and can be started with one touch with every new wash. In one cycle, the device consumes 56 litres of water. With 9 kg of laundry, this is a small waste. The heating part is made of stainless steel.

Samsung WW80R52LCFS

An inverter washing machine from Samsung allows you to wash up to 8 kg of laundry simultaneously. The manufacturer has equipped the device with the Eco Bubble function. Thanks to it, air bubbles pass through the fabric, which allows you to fight dirt better. However, soft water is desirable for this function to work since bubbles will not form in hard water.

Among other things, there is a steam wash function (not available in all models). Clothes are bathed in steam, which is above 100 ° C, thanks to which even the oldest dirt is washed. From experience, we can say that steam washing is good, including overalls. The washing machine consumes 48 litres of water in one cycle. Note that a ceramic heating element is installed here.

Haier HW70-BP1439G

Like the Weissgauff washing machine, this one has an A +++ energy class. Therefore it is energy efficient. Thanks to the inverter motor, it is very quiet and makes a noise of about 54 dB during washing. With a 7 kg load, the device consumes only 37 litres of water. The maximum spin reaches 1400 rpm – if you want to get things out of the tank almost dry, this machine is what you need.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with a steam washing function, convenient for cleaning clothes with old stains and baby clothes. There is currently a discount in some stores, so you can buy it cheaper than usual.

Bosch WAT 28541

A very economical German washing machine consumes only 0.13 kWh / kg (energy class A +++). With a load of 9 kg, its average annual water consumption is 12,400 litres. It is equipped with the ActiveWater function, which, according to the manufacturer, saves resources (water and electricity) depending on the load. If the integrity of the drain or filler pipes is broken during operation, the Aquastop leakage protection system will work.

Like most machines, this model has a delayed start function, which allows you to start the washing machine without human intervention. This is convenient if you need to do your laundry night when electricity rates are the best. The device’s noise in washing mode is only 48 dB while spinning – 73 dB. The only drawback of the machine is it is not the most democratic price.

How to Transfer Data From an Android to iPhone: Step by Step Instructions

If you decide to switch to iPhone, for a quick start in the new system, you will need to transfer data from Android to iOS. Here’s how to do it quickly using one dedicated application.

Use the following instruction to completely duplicate your apps, downloaded files, and documents on a new iPhone. 

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1Download Move To iOS

You need to install the Move To iOS application on your Android smartphone to get started. You can download it from Google Play or download the installer directly – from the official Apple website. The second option is suitable for Huawei and Honor devices that do not have access to Google services and, accordingly, the Play Market. 

Transferring data from Android to iPhone 

The Move to iOS app only works when setting up a new device – when you take a “naked” iPhone out of the box. If you have already set up your phone and have been using it for some time, you need to delete all data and start transferring from scratch. We told how to return an iPhone to factory settings in this article. 

If you do not want to delete already installed applications and downloaded files, you can manually transfer Android to iOS. We have described several methods in this material. It also contains instructions on copying all information from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

So, to transfer data from Android to the new iPhone, please do as follows:

  • While setting up your iPhone, select the “Applications & data” menu item – “Transfer data from Android”. 
  • On your Android gadget, open the Move to iOS app and select “Continue”. Accept all terms and conditions and click Next – Search Code.

Receiving and entering a code from an iPhone

After you go to the item for transferring data from Android, a 10- or 6-digit code will appear on the iPhone display. Enter it on your Android smartphone and wait – a new window should open called “Data Transfer”. 

Selecting applications and files to transfer 

A list will appear on the screen of the Android smartphone, in which you can select files to transfer to iPhone: free applications (if available in the App Store), contacts, message history, photos and videos from the camera, browser bookmarks, mail accounts and calendar data … Music, PDFs, and books must be transferred manually – for example, via the cloud. After selection, click the “Next” button.

Important: even if a notification is displayed on the Android phone screen that the transfer is complete, do not turn off the smartphone until the corresponding message appears on the iPhone and the download is complete. 

If you want to copy only saved phone numbers to a new smartphone, not all applications and files, then transfer contacts. We discussed this procedure in more detail in a separate article. 

Completing the data transfer

  • When the download bar on your iPhone is full, tap Done on your Android smartphone. 
  • On iPhone, you must select the Continue button to complete the data transfer and device setup. Just follow the prompts on the screen and get a new gadget with old data. 

Tips for Transferring Data from Android to iPhone Quickly

  • When copying files and applications, do not use phones – let them calmly complete the transfer without unnecessary processes. Move to iOS applications must be constantly active – do not close its window.
  • Connect them to power sources or a power bank to ensure that the gadgets do not turn off before the files are copied. 
  • Also, make sure that both smartphones have a stable internet connection – mobile or Wi-Fi network. 
  • Before starting the transfer, be sure to check if your iPhone has enough memory to copy all applications and files from your Android smartphone. Also, consider the data on the microSD card (if installed). If there is not enough space on the new device, transfer excess files to the cloud or computer.
  • If you want to copy bookmarks from Google Chrome, be sure to refresh your browser before starting the transfer. 
  • If, after copying to iPhone, some applications do not work or are not displayed, download them manually from the App Store. 

How to Build Your Computer From Components: step by step instructions

Even a child can handle assembling a computer. Don’t believe me? In this article, we cover the basic principles of homebuilding. We also share information that will help you avoid problems with the compatibility of components.

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If you are still wondering which is better, to build a computer yourself or buy a ready-made one, then, in our opinion, the answer is obvious. A DIY PC will not only save you tons of money but will also bring you a lot more aesthetic pleasure. Yes, it will take more time than just coming to the store and buying a ready-made solution, but you will be able to choose the components exclusively for your needs. We have already compared ready-made solutions and computers assembled by ourselves in a separate article. Today we will tell you how to assemble a gaming computer yourself.

What do you need to build a computer yourself?

Each system unit may have a different number of components. But whatever one may say, there are basic components present in every assembly. These are the motherboard, power supply, processor with a cooler, video card, RAM, case, and storage. In some cases, you can remove from this list, perhaps, a video card, which can be built into the processor. This solution is quite logical for an office computer, but a graphics accelerator is required for a gaming computer. 

For all the hardware to work, it is necessary to select it to be fully compatible. If you follow this rule, your Personal Computer is guaranteed to start up after assembly because many computer hardware parameters are strictly regulated. Therefore, you will not be able to, for example, plug DDR4 RAM into DDR3 sockets on the motherboard. Below we will tell you more about each component, but for now, let’s figure out the procedure for selecting components.

In general, assembling from scratch implies the following order of selection of components.

  • CPU
  • If the boxed version of the CPU is not planned, a cooling system is supplied with the cooler in the kit.
  • Motherboard
  • RAM for the motherboard.
  • A video card (if not satisfied with the built-in solution).
  • A power supply that will pull the main components in terms of power.
  • A case in which everything will fit.
  • Storage devices.

This is not to say that this is the only correct plan that should be followed. In most cases, some components are transferred from the old assembly to the new one so that the procedure may vary from case to case.

After you have selected all the components, you can proceed, in fact, to the assembly. 

Installing the power supply

Although the power supply in most cases is chosen last (because you need to know how much all components will consume and build on this), we recommend that you start assembling the computer by installing it inside the case. Why should the power supply be installed first? Because of all the components, it is the largest. If you install it in the final step, you could accidentally damage the rest of the components. Moreover, the power supply is quite heavy and can easily be dropped from your hands.

The second reason is cable management. If you do not want your wires to stick out in all directions, you need to route them under the case’s back cover carefully. This not only protects the rest of the hardware from unwanted contact with cables but also gives your computer a more well-groomed look, albeit from the inside.

To install the PSU inside the case, you will need 4 screws, always included in the kit. They need to be screwed into the corresponding holes on the back of the component, where there is a connector for the cable that powers the unit from the mains. Depending on your case, the PSU can be installed either from the top or bottom.

When selecting a power supply unit, you should focus on a few basic (if we are talking only about the compatibility of components) parameters. First is the form factor. It must fit the form factor of your case. Otherwise, the unit will not fit inside the case. Secondly, it is the rated power. It should exceed your peak intake of all your iron by 20-30%. Thirdly, it is the number and type of connectors. The power supply powers almost all components: processor, motherboard, video card, drives. All cables must be of the correct type. If the video card needs a 6-pin connector, there should be one on the block. And so with all the rest of the iron.

For example, here is one of the best popular models on the market, which will fit almost any assembly:

Installing the motherboard

After installing the power supply, it is advisable to equip the motherboard as much as possible and install it inside the case. By maximum equipment, we mean:

  • Installing a processor in a socket.
  • Installing a cooler on a processor.
  • Installing all RAM sticks.

And only the video card should be put aside at the end of the list. Why is it so? Now we will explain specifically for those who, for the first time, solve the problem of assembling a PC from scratch:

It is much easier to install all the hardware on the motherboard outside the case when your hands are not constrained by space. And it is very difficult to do all this inside the case when the space is limited. And we do not recommend installing a video card at once and all other components because modern GPUs are very bulky and can cover several slots at once. Hence the problem of connecting the case wires, which are responsible for USB connectors, audio, restarting and turning on the computer. And they are always, like a video card, located at the bottom of the motherboard.

The installation of the motherboard itself is very simple. Screw the screws into the appropriate slots. It is much more difficult to choose a motherboard. First, it must have a socket that the processor supports. Also, the slots for RAM must be of the same type as the RAM itself. Be sure to check the number of slots and the maximum supported memory size. In addition, the form factor of the motherboard, as in the case of the power supply, must be compatible with the case. 

An example of a motherboard that has proven itself well in the market for AMD processors on the B450 socket:

Installing the CPU and cooling system

One of the easiest steps in the whole assembly. Each processor has a triangle mark in the lower-left corner. The same icon is found on the socket on the motherboard. They should match up so that both are in the same corner. Be sure to bend the latch at the location where the CPU is installed before installing. After the “stone” is installed in the socket, the latch must be returned to its original position. This will fix the component. Be very careful not to bend the processor’s legs.

After that, thermal paste is applied to the processor cover, and a cooler is installed. If the CPU were purchased in a boxed format, a thermal interface would already be applied to the cooler radiator. There is no need to put another one on the processor cover! As a rule, the cooling, like the power supply, is fixed with 4 screws located on the motherboard a little further from each corner of the processor. 

When choosing a processor, consider the socket. It should be compatible with your motherboard and cooler. In addition to the appropriate socket, the cooling system must cope with the heat generated by the processor. Also, look at the dimensions of the turntable: the specifications for each case indicate the recommended heights of the cooling system.

One of the best models in terms of price/performance ratio:

Installing RAM

RAM is just enough to plug into the appropriate slots. There are latches along the edges of the seats: they must be bent and the strips inserted. Correct installation can be judged by a characteristic click, which means that the latches have returned to their original position. In this case, you don’t even need a screwdriver.

When choosing modules, you should pay attention to their type: the motherboard must support this type. Under no circumstances will DDR4 strips fit into DDR3 slots. Also, consider that the strips may not fit into the seats because they will be interfered with by the massive heatsink of the processor cooling system. This parameter is rarely specified in specifications. Therefore, before assembling the computer yourself from the components, be sure to check with the seller for hardware compatibility.

The most popular boards with excellent overclocking potential:

Assembling a computer manually: a video card

How to assemble a gaming computer yourself? Using a discrete graphics card, of course. Installing a graphics adapter is similar to installing RAM. It must be placed in the related slot located at the bottom of the motherboard. There is also a latch on the connector, which must be bent before installing the component, and which will also snap into place if the GPU is fully installed. But this should be done last. As we wrote above, the card can block other connectors, such as those responsible for connecting hard drives. Therefore, the video card should be installed last. Connect all wires first!

When choosing a graphics accelerator, you should focus solely on its performance because all modern video cards are compatible with all modern motherboards intended for home use. Do not forget to pay attention to the dimensions of the device. In the specifications for the case, the developers indicate the maximum length of the video card.

A good solution with a margin for the next couple of years:

Drives and chassis

In any case, there are slots for drives. Some HDDs are fixed with screws, which must be screwed directly into the case. And in some, there are corresponding baskets where the hard drive is tightly installed. When choosing a hard drive, you should be guided by the connectors to power your PSU. Also, pay attention to the number of seats in the case: each model has a different number. In theory, you can not fix your hard drive or SSD in any way, but in this case, it will dangle and can damage other components. And if you stack several hard drives on top of each other, it is fraught with overheating. It is nevertheless correct to install the discs in the appropriate places.

Remember to close the side cover in the last step. Airflow is impaired in an open enclosure, and component cooling is impaired. In a closed case, as expected, cold air that enters from below completely blows through all the iron and, when hot, comes out from the top of the case. This completes the assembly process, and your computer is ready to go.

A couple of models worth your attention:

A shortlist of all actions:

  1. Install the power supply and layout all the wires in advance.
  2. Complete the motherboard. Put the processor in a socket, apply thermal paste to it (if required), install the cooling system, insert all the RAM strips.
  3. Install drives.
  4. Connect all wires coming from the power supply and the case.
  5. Install a video card.
  6. Close the case and enjoy the result.

We hope you now know exactly how to assemble a PC from components yourself. The main thing is to choose the right components.

How to Choose a Gaming Keyboard: Tips for Gamers

In competitive online games, it’s not just your reaction that matters, but the input devices as well: your keyboard and mouse. This article will tell you what parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing a gaming “keyboard” and show the current models.

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The best graphics cards for games in FHD, 2K and 4K: what, how much, and why so expensive

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When choosing the video card you need, you cannot be limited only to the assessment of the computer’s processor, memory, and other components. It is important to know ​​your monitor resolution and what resolution you plan to play at. You can get by with a little blood for Full HD gaming and buy a relatively inexpensive video card, but if you want to play it in 2K resolution, you will get nothing but pain and frustration.

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The Best Open-World PC Games Hard to tearDown.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skyrim)

Topping our list is a game that is almost 10 years old. She popularized open-world projects on the PC and pushed platformers and shooters out of the box. Skyrim takes 1st place in our top thanks to the constant support of the community of players who release free mods for this game every day.

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